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Brief Introduction
Prefab construction has become main stream of modern building world-widely. Following the trend and owning the state-of-the-art product quality system, MODUCON has established R&D team composed by more than 50 professional staff to independently develop manufacture technology of different prefab-housing types. Through standardization, modularized design and industrial production, product quality is ensured and meanwhile construction period is shortened.

At present, MODUCON can satisfy the housing demand from different countries with different standards.

Product Series
Modular Container Building:
MODUCON modular container building integrates the state-of-the-art technology and precision measurement skills. The product is flexible, energy saving, environment friendly, solid and durable, adaptable and easy to be installed. The Product is suitable for use in construction site, mining field, stores, hotels, resorts and other public buildings.

Flat-Pack System:
Flat-Pack is a type of modular product designed by using the steel frame and light-weight wall panel system. One Flat-Pack consists of top frame, bottom frame, posts and exchangeable wall panels, it can be flattened for easy transporting to save the logistic costs. Flat-Pack System is solid in structure, energy saving, environment friendly, low maintenance and extremely budget friendly. The product is popular to be used in construction site and field working site as office, dormitory, cafeteria, bathroom and meeting room, and it also can be used as temporary housing, classroom, hospital, lodge etc.

Light Composite Insulation Panel House:
MODUCON Light Composite Insulation Panel House are spatially and easily assembled according to standard modulus with steel frame and new types of wall materials together with claddings, paintings and other decoration materials connected by bolts and pins. MODUCON panel house is artistic in appearance, economic, durable, cold resistant, easy for transportation, assemble and disassemble, energy saving and environment friendly. The product is widely used as villa, club, apartment and commercial construction, etc.

Prefabricated PC House:
MODUCON Prefabricated PC houses adopt light foam concrete inorganic insulation materials as walls. Design modeling of different house styles can be realized by the state-of-the-art MODUCON BIM system. MODUCON realized intellectual management of data exchange in whole manufacture process including production management and control, test and inspection, standardized data management and intellectualized production management to ensure the product quality. MODUCON prefabricated PC house is suitable for single storied, multi-storied, and high rise constructions with structures of light steel, heavy steel and concrete structure. Generally, “embedded grouting method” is used for prefabricated external wall installation. Comparing with traditional buildings, the construction duration and cost of prefabricated PC house are significantly reduced.

LGS House:
By importing intellectual auto-LGS production line and integrated LGS structure design software, combining with R&D, manufacture and construction team with years of practical experiences, MODUCON has formed a LGS house system integrated with plan, design, manufacture, installation and after-sale service. The product is suitable for commercial buildings, villas, houses, club, etc.
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