MODUCON Services
Upon professional summarizing and analyzing the tendering and bidding documents provided by the tenders and bidders, MODUCON can provide one-stop technical and commercial service to clients.

Cost and Budget Analysis
Based on requirements from client and our professional experiences, we optimize prefab structure, material selection and manufacture processing for target project based on MDP and MSD and analyze the cost budget accordingly.

Preparing of Tendering and Bidding Documents
Preparing tendering and bidding documents by professional summarizing, combing and analyzing the project information provided by clients in views of technology and commerce.

Professional Project Orientated Service
MODUCON chooses bidders from MMD according to the detailed categories to economize cost and time for clients.

Rationalized Proposals for Contracting
Through arrangement of submitted tender documents, MODUCON compares, analyzes and assesses comprehensively to bring forward with rationalized proposals to assist clients with decision making and contract signing.

MODUCON Manufacturer Database (MMD)
Utilizing advanced auditing system and auditing tools specially brought in for precision manufacture fields, MODCUON Manufacturer Database (MMD)keeps expanding.

Currently, MMD has enrolled about 200 qualified prefab house manufacturers from China, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK etc., which makes MODUCON provide clients with reliable tendering and bidding service with product types ranging of modular, LGS, color steel, panel system, PC system, etc.
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