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MODUCON’s Procurement Services
The primary goal of MODUCON’s Procurement Service is to provide high quality building products at factory direct prices, and we will only source from leading manufacturers and will not compromise on quality for price.

We deliver:
Experienced procurement team
Professional team has extensive experience in the design, consulting and construction fields, and has been manufacturing and exporting products successfully around the world for over 10 years;

Directly procurement
MODUCON exports or imports products directly from the manufacture and does not deal though agents or third party entities;

Quality Management
MODUCON works closely with the manufacturers and has specialists who supervise the whole manufacture procedure;

Standard compliance
International certification qualification to ensure all the products delivered by MODUCON can suit the target markets and their changing building codes;

Logistic service
MODUCON is cable of organizing transportation, logistics and storage service;

Finance Support
In order to mitigate our client’s cash flow and payment risk, Moducon has built solid relationship with international banks, financial and insurance institutes and SINOSURE, which enable us to provide comprehensive finance and insurance support for our client’s procurement;

In summary, by engaging MODUCON’s procurement services, our client’s will stay hands-free till receiving the products!
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