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MODUCON Production Management system is always focus on the key factors of the projects

Conformity of the standards and specification
Starting from the pricing stage, MODUCON’s Production Management System can make sure all the subcontractor’s quotation conforms to the standards and specification requirements of the project.

Comparison and analysis of subcontractor’s quotation
MODUCON Production-Elemental Database (MPD) provides the objective comparison and analysis for all the subcontractor’s quotation

Quality assurance for the final delivered products
Before the project starts, MODUCON will set the quality targets by MSQD (MODUCON Standard Quality-Control Database) and MSPD (MODUCON Standard Production-Method Database), and during the executive process, all the production process will be controlled and recorded by ITP (Inspection and Testing Plan), and the project will be accepted according to the setting quality targets, standards & specification requirements and the ITP reports.

Capital assumption analysis and price variation audit
Based on the MPD, MODUCON has the ability to analyze and optimize the capital assumption at all the stages of the prefab construction project, and with the MPD, MODUCON also can calculate the reasonable price of variation during the project.

On time delivery
Based on MPD and MSPD, MODUCON has built WBS (Works Breakdown Structure) for the construction terms, which makes us can calculate the resources and time allocation for every period of breakdown structure. During executive process, dynamic management will be applied to critical programs and landmark duties, which will analyze the reason of delay and optimize the production schedule for the following stages.

MODUCON’s staff management is based on WBS (Works Breakdown Structure) and RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix), which allocates the duties to the responsible staff and the working results will be apprised and recorded accordingly.

Key Values

MPD: MODUCON Production-Elemental Database is an innovative automatic tool that can compare, analyze and summarize the information of production process, methods and equipment of different prefab construction projects. Together with the MSD, the MPD will identify the direct cost (including personnel demand, labor hours and manufactural cost) of a prefab project

MSQD: MODUCON Standard Quality-Control Database is an automatic tool that integrated the building codes and quality standards of different countries, the production conditions of different manufactures as well as the key features of different prefab products. The MSQD can identify the quality standards and tolerance for every working procedure and cooperating with ITP documents, and the MSQD can realize the visibility, traceability and quantitatively of the quality control.  

MSPD: MODUCON Standard Production-Method Database is an automatic tool that can identify the working procedure, methods, key items and cautions for the prefab building projects, and with the MSPD, the labor allocation and the effectiveness of the equipment will be improved significantly, and the delivery quality will be ensured as well.

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