MODUCON Services

Procurement and contract specialists providing end-to-end supply chain management.
MODUCON’s supply chain provides our customer with global procurement and comprehensive supply chain management service which are unsurpassed in the industry.

We deliver:
• Quantity survey & optimization;
• Qualified supplier screen and prequalification;
• Suppliers certificates, testing reports verification;
• Inquiry & tendering document and preparation;
• Supplier’s quotation & bidding comparison and analysis;
• Procurement contract assessment;
• Quality control in production;
• Production schedule control;
• Final inspection and acceptance;
• Packing and delivery; and
• After service at client’s country;

MODUCON Supplier Database (MSD)
MODUCON’s MSD includes more than 2,500 suppliers and the market price of more than 30,000 construction materials which can meet most certificates and standards of Australia, USA and European countries.
Based on our advanced real-time price-watch program, MODUCON’s MSD can be leveraged to obtain value for our customers by identifying global opportunities and mitigating currency and price risks. 
With annual added expenditures on our unique MSD, we provide the responsible purchase and safe delivery of quality goods and service at the lowest total cost.

Innovative Supply Chain Solutions to Complex Execution
Our supply chain solutions will be based on:
• A resource pool of construction professionals—experts in their fields—located in major economic and industrial centers of the world;
• State-of-the-art automation tools for identifying low-cost, reliable suppliers;
• Proven work processes: supported by operational excellence programs, subject matter experts;
• Long-term, senior-level relationship with key suppliers’ organizations to promote collaboration and innovation to reduce cost; and
• Knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement practices that enables sourcing from locations around the world to be in compliance with all laws and regulations;

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